What You Didn’t Know About Business

I thought we knew everything about being in business, but the truth is I was drowning in my own self pride about what was necessary to be a business owner in today’s marketplace.
Then one day it came to me with a shocking reality things need to change in my life.
So I’ve got to ask… how are you doing on the goals you set at the start of the year in your business?
If you’re Business is on track succeed in all, most, or even part of what you set out to, congratulations!
But if there are some business goals still on the table, or you haven’t made the progress you had expected or visualized in achieving a successful business by now, you may be getting frustrated, discouraged, angry with yourself — or even doubting your ability to get what you wanted in life.
I was working all my life in a job wondering am I doing what I love to do, meanwhile  losing focus what was important in my life.
You can get the wind back in your sails so we can start moving in the direction of your dreams.
This was my downfall in business, I was to stubborn to realize, I thought we knew everything.
There is no tomorrow to change the way we do business, there is only today to have what we want in our life.
I want to share about an event I have been to this past April 2016 I was so blown away by the business education we received, I want to tell everyone that we know about it that has greatly impacted me and hope you will take the opportunity to check it out.
I have a pair of complimentary tickets that are available  for you, They are worth $149 each.
This training has a proven track record of taking businesses just like yours to new levels!!!!
You can attend in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto and Tampa Bay Florida whichever works best for you.
Please go to  Free Tickets a value of $149.00 seat are limited. to view dates for the event called Business Mastery – Power In You
Please let me know if you would like the tickets.
Contact me personally for more info 778-551-0419 or email me at stefanneff53@gmail.com
If there is someone who comes to mind that would join you, all I need is their name, phone # and email address to reserve the seats for you both.
Watch a few video’s about Make Your Mark Business Success Education

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